Bespoke Development

Development of robust software using products from

  • Microsoft
    • Sql Server (RDMS), Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Servers (SSAS)
    • ASP.NET Web Development (MVC[n], WebApi[n], WebForms)
    • Single Page Applications (Angular)
    • Azure Cloud computing
    • Microsoft Office automation (Word, Excel, Microsoft Access)
  • Google
    • Android
  • Apple
    • iOS

Specialist Verticals

Mindful software has extensive knowledge and experience in

  • Financial (Integration / Reporting)
  • HR, Performance and Remuneration Reviews
  • Logistics, Procurement and Asset Management
  • Technology Backoffice Systems (security, Identity Management)

Performance Optimisation and Troubleshooting

Mindful Software specialises in

  • Database performance issues
    • Server and Database configuration
    • Table structure and indexing analysis
    • Sql (View and procedure) analysis
    • Performance bottlenecks, deadlocks and blocking sql
    • Integration Services package analysis
  • Web site performance issues
    • Data access and caching
    • Server and client side code evaluation
    • Efficient Page Design